From guided rides to mountain bike instruction we can help you get the most out of your riding experience.

Mountain Bike Instruction - Basics


Our mountain bike instruction courses are delivered by a MIAS Level 2 and British Cycling Level 2 Cycling Coach. 


If your new to the sport, and have ever wondered what all the hype was about or have riding to work and want to expand your skills on technical terrain, this is for you. We start with ensuring your bike is set up correctly and then progressively develop your skills over the sessions. Book as an individual or with your colleugues or mates. (All you need is a mountain bike and a helmet..... and we can even sort that out with our friends at Wood n Wheels if you wish)


Each session is taliored to your needs and ability, so call today and improve your riding today!


Group  Size: 1-6    Duration: 1 to 4 hrs     

Price: £10 - £30 per rider  depended on numbers and time

Mountain Bike Instruction - Intermediate


The Intermediate training is aimed at individuals or groups that have been riding offroad and feel that the time is right to hone their skills to increase speed riding cross country, attempt more technical terrain or even just to increase your confidence riding off road.


Sessions focus on individual skills, route selection and how to tackle the next level of obstacles such step ups and drop offs.


We aim to have intermediate riders tackling Red and some Black trails with confidence at the end of our sessions, it may take more than one but we will get there!  Each package is taliored to the riders ablity so please phone or e-mail us to disscuss your individual needs and aims.


Group  Size: 1-4    Duration: 1hr to all day     

Price: £15 - £20 hr Depended on numbers and time